Shy of 22.

I am not the same man I was a year ago. Then again. I said the same thing last year. Always a new experience. Learning about myself, learning about people I care about— just having an open eye to the world and how crazy it’s becoming; how real the world is. I’ve only been here shy of twenty two but feel thankful to have battled the war I had being on my own, only to come out strong and resilient but maintain my soft heart for others. I’m so thankful. Truly. Humbled on my knees for the people around me and to see how far I’ve come. I can only go up and I’m taking my team with me.


Stay on my conscience
Routine in my thought process
Religious as a prayer
Lost in sub-conscience

Break free and be honest
For we have not become the mold
A cliche love story
Become one that’s never told

Senses become vivid
As emotions become livid
Past affliction become habit
Unknown future becomes addiction

Don’t bring down this high.

Living in a life full of regrets


team // lorde